The Art and Science of Running w/ Correct Posture

Watch this 2 minutes long video and see what good running form really means.

When you are running you should strive to have a body posture that is neutral and natural. Your posture should be one of a slight forward leaning and your upright posture should be relaxed and comfortable. Natural movement comes from leaning slightly forward. Using posture a posture corrector when you are running is not recommended. A slight forward upright posture will place your weight on your front part of your foot. By doing this you will avoid landing on your heel and cause your body unnecessary stress. It will also help you run faster since you will utilize your body’s natural spring mechanism. So, always make sure to keep your posture upright and stable. If you are an avid runner, doing special posture exercises (on regular basis) to improve your posture could be a good idea. Katherine – FITNESS CRAFT.